10 December 2008

TJ's El Salvadorian Peaberry

I finally brewed some of this coffee purely by itself this morning. Here are some interesting noticeable traits:

The origin is unquestionably Central American; light, fruity firsts in the nose. Banana leaf; hibiscus; crisp; clean; anticipation of feeling one's feet in the mud; bright; faint tangerines. You know that smell you get when you peel off a piece of bark from a redwood tree, and you put the back  of that piece--the part that once was against the tree--up to your nose? That smell. Finishes with an unexpected white cane sugar hint at the sides of the tongue, lemon and orange hints leave the tongue lastly at the front of the mid-palate. 

The product leaves room for improvement, especially in bean quality; however, the roast is consistent and the tastes delightful.

All told: 3.5 out of 5.


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