11 January 2008

Changes Of What.

The word "change" is being tossed around a lot now, especially in political circles. The question naturally may be: Change of what? I certainly would appreciate someone from the Democratic Party at least telling me what they want to change and how. Well, here I am, talking about changing things. So, in a desperate and somewhat humorous attempt to inspire such action, I've labeled each personal change I've made in the post. Enjoy!

Resolution #345: Write more often. (Change #1)

Today I'm drinking Russian Caravan, another classic blend offerred by Peet's. The strange thing is that I am drinking it without any additions at all such as milk or sugar (Change #2). It's quite mellow for an all-black tea, although the astringence is a little stronger than expected after a swallow is down the throat. That is probably my getting used to no milk in the tea.

It is a bit of a wintry tea. Joe was right when he said it "tastes good when I'm sick" - it does seem to cheer up the spirits especially during that time. Think Scottish Breakfast's younger brother, and you have it: pine nuts, oil, perhaps a dry cheese, some kind of thistle. That's the best I can discern; it seems this tea has some non-Western things with which I have not yet become familiar (Change #3). All the better for that! Of course, no change here: the title will link you to more info on the tea itself.

On another note, I've been thinking about renaming the blog to include coffee in the discussions (Change #4). I drink both, and I've noticed that some days I feel like either.

In addition to this, I would also like to include random discussion (Change #5). So, don't be surprised if I get a little talkative. For example:

RADIOHEAD IS COMING TO L.A. IN AUGUST! One of my favorite bands, in addition to Dave Matthews, the Foo Fighters, and a select few others, I heard the news on KROQ this morning from the guitarist's own mouth - though we're not sure where the locale is.

More soon. ;)

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