20 December 2007

Breakfast Like A Scot

Welcome back!

Having almost half of my genetics from the Celtic peoples of Scotland and Ireland does end up having its benefits. One such: the Scottish Breakfast blend of black tea. The particular blend I will be letting you in on is from Peet's. (Of course, if anyone knows how I might garner a Scottish Breakfast blend from somewhere else here in the States, please do let me know!)

Peet's 'Scottish Breakfast' (loose, 2007):

You can find this style particularly in actual Peet's locations - I have yet to find it anywhere else. I've included a link to it for purchasing/research, as I hope to do with any tea that I review: click on the title of the article here, and you'll be taken to the description of this particular brand.

The tin states that this blend is one of 'hearty Indian teas with smoky Lapsang Souchong.' The taste states that they are correct. The tea refreshes immediately; there is no difference between hints in smell and taste, though the inhalation is stronger of pine smoke and maple bark. In fact, smelling it feels like breathing in a healthy kind of campfire. The palate is rewarded with a hint of oranges, the above listed smells, and cooked applewood bacon. It even reminds of Scottish Highlands fudge, which I find to be my favourite fudge not made by family members. Rugged and brisk, the tea definitely makes the mind feel as if it could be walking through the Highland mountains.

All in all, clearly one of my favourites: 5 very smoky leaves (out of 5).

Joe says: 'Mmm.' This could also function for us today as the 'Quote for Pondering,' but Joe also proposed the one at the end for the day, which is a bit more specific to the taste of tea. Pleasantly, it also comes from one of my favorite historical persons.

Thanks for reading!

Quote for Pondering:
'To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea.' - Henry David Thoreau

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