05 May 2008

Lapsang Revisited

Disclaimer: This happens to be one of those days where everything seems a bit too "delicate", or I feel a bit too "rough".

After a mutually botched attempt to trade the Lapsang Souchong with Joe at a friend's child-birthday party in the Santa Barbara region (which rocked, by the way), I managed to try the Lapsang again. This time, the cup contained milk. Noticing the external quality that may indicate my problem with this leaf, the tea did not much darken the milk. The milk looks more like it would with a green tea, than a black one. Hence, either I am continuously under-steeping it or the tea, because of it's unique processing, is much more delicate than even a usual black tea. I usually over-steep, in general. Thus, cheerful news:

Dear Green Tea Lovers,

If you love it more via negativa because black tea is too strong for you, this tea is a good "gateway" towards appreciating the bold, terse qualities of the processed leaf. Please try it with my compliments.

Sir Tea and Mr. Obtuse McStuffs (a very American Beagle)

My apologies for the surrealism; I'm listening to John Lennon. The title/link this time will take you to Adagio's stash of this leaf variety.

All the best,

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