30 May 2008

Kona Blends

I usually do not prefer "blends" when it comes to coffee, because they are not really conducive to getting a "KICK" out of a particular region. However, for some reason I find Kona blending a bit of an exception, since it's "guaranteed" to come from the same region: the Hawaiian Islands. The title-link this time will give you some more background on the region, from our friends at Coffee Times.

Now, usually for good Kona one will probably be asked to pay anywhere from $15-23/lb., depending on the income bracket of your county of residence. So naturally, I decided not to go with that and paid $8 for my local grocer's brand.

It was worth the shot. The nose is smooth and floral, and the sip packs a slightly nutty, more fruitful flavor than I expected. Pineapples (seriously), magnolias, sweet grass... you know, that kind of thing. I also get a little bit of cane sugar (yes, without putting any in the cup - I always taste things "black") and banana leaf. Kona has a very balanced take, and is far smoother than some of the "rougher" African regions. Besides, for the thoughts of lazing on a kayak in a bay off the coast of Kauai, they can have my $8.

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