01 June 2008

Lemon Ants

Before experiencing my Cafe Femenino today, I had lemon-chemical smell for breakfast. Mmm. Ants under the garbage, everywhere. Of course, this took far longer than I usually have in the mornings, especially Sundays.

However, after that smell dissipated (along with the irrational fear that the ants somehow bypassed my glorious clear-airtight-storage technique for my beans, and also bypassed the laws of physics to end up in the grinder after the beans were cut up), I found Cafe Femenino once again a clean, earthy, slightly delicate beverage. This of course is especially fitting given its nomenclature. In less uppity speak: it's still good, and the name makes sense for the coffee's qualities. Hooray!

All the best,

PS -> Go on, click the title; I know you're curious.

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