08 June 2008

Are you avoiding the lemon?

Tonight comes a great idea out of happenstance with some friends.

I was watching a recent basketball game (which I think was scripting by the refs, mind you) with some good friends this evening. Of course, one is usually offered something to drink. A worthy formality, in my opinion. I was shocked to hear that the couple had tea (mostly because of my own ignorance of the American resurgence for it). It was also of a reputable variety. Without milk, I took a "double bergamot earl grey" bag from Stash. (see title-link)

Now in my own house, bag tea is served (a) only to me, and (b) only in a hurry; this is because (1) I have whole leaf tea, (2) whole leaf tea is of better quality, and (3) I'm obviously a bit of a snot when it comes to my tea-taste. ;)

The reason why I bring this up is because, without any additives of any kind, the double bergamot was perfectly smooth. And not only does this give you a good opportunity to be encouraged to take your tea black, but it also reminded me that I haven't given much "blog time" to the idea of adding lemon to your tea. It's a good practice, especially with more "floral" or "fruit-tinged" teas like Earl Grey (not herbal, although that may work as well). It makes the tea a bit more astringent, but in a pleasant complementary way, so that you don't feel as if you need to "dig around" for that floral or fruited smell you pick up just after the tea is brewed.

The double-bergamot tea does not need lemon, mostly because of the intrinsic complemented taste given by the added oil. (Note: Bergamot is a type of fruit that's horrible to the taste, but emits a fantastic oil from the skin). I would recommend it; perhaps, indeed, for treated guests well. :)

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