24 June 2008

What makes a peaberry so special

I thought I might enlighten our readers on the creation of peaberry coffees and why they're normally richer and more expensive.

Normally, a coffee cherry contains two beans which develop face to face. According to my ultra-secret coffee sources, about 5% of cherries don't develop two beans, but only one, which looks closed in on itself (a coffee mutation! Egads!).

What's great about this mutation or defect, is that the peaberry bean receives more nutrients and flavor from its cherry. This results in a fantastically rich and powerful individual bean (just like me after I ate my twin brother in the womb!).

These peaberry beans are painstakingly separated from the rest and roasted together to form some of the tastiest coffees imaginable! Next time you have a regular bag of beans, sift through and I guarantee you'll find a few peaberries lumped in with the rest.

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