09 June 2008

The Daily Cup vs. The Daily Commercial

Having just read this for the usual "upkeep" of my knowledge on what seems like a bit of a less-busy day at work, I wanted to post this article so that you would have a good source of information. Studies change, but notice that neither coffee nor tea is bad for you, even slightly above "moderation". Also notice that the usual forms of tea found in a local grocery store (black, and green) fall in the middle average for both caffeine and antioxidant concentrations.

In any case, notice also the contrast with fixing your own cup of coffee/tea and what major-brand companies do to the product before selling it to you: I only put one cube of sugar in each cup, and even then I don't do it much. Snapple likes to put 11 cubes (!) in their "green tea" bottles -- ridiculous! :)

Anyhow, read and be encouraged:


From The Caffeinated Leaf-ery,

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