17 April 2008

Po' Boy Mochas

My drink of choice today is for the ill-at-ease about "suped up" coffee, and for those who enjoy something novel, yet good.

It basically consists of 2TBSP of chocolate syrup added to your normal coffee cup. You may find it smoother to add the chocolate before pouring in the coffee, for consistency and dispersion's sake, but that's all there is to the practice. However, and this is a big condition, your coffee must be of a dark roast.

Even for Peet's lovers, "Major Dickason's Blend" won't do for this, because even though it is usually darker than the other brands' mid-roasts, it is not itself a dark roast. By "dark", I mean "you so crazy". Or, "I might get fired for this." Or even, "What a slut." In other words: Ethiopian, Italian/French Roast, or anything else that someone might consider "extra bold".

The reason why I suggest this as such is because if the roast is darker, then it is usually more complimentary to receiving a sweet additive, even though the chocolate is another rich flavor.

Anyhow, try that out sometime; it costs maybe $.10 extra per cup, $.05 if you get the "Family Size" bottle.

Pax Arabica,

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