23 April 2008


This weekend, I traveled a great distance for my sister's wedding. It was beautiful, woodsy and rough-and-tumble. She's happy, and so is everyone else.

During this weekend, I tried two kinds of coffee. One was from my good friend, and fellow author here, Joseph. Since he and his wife Lauren (also a good friend) had some time to visit me while staying over in Pacifica, we went to dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening in their quaint apartment. Joe gave me a half-pound of something freshly roasted; I believe it had been roasted that day, or the day prior. The beans came from the Blue Bottle Coffee Company. The roast is somewhat light, compared to my usual fare, but the taste this morning was smooth and easy to enjoy. A bit naturally sweet, it reminds me of dry almonds and toffee. And what really makes this brew notable is the light finish. Unlike most of my other cups when I buy beans at a store, the bottom of this cup had bits of the beans still there without any trace of oversaturated fine grounds. All in all, quite enjoyable. I am unsure about the particular roast or bean, but I would venture to guess that Blue Bottle is worth trusting, given the quality of these beans.

The other coffee I had was Starbucks' straight Ethiopian, which is my favorite from them, and Sumatra from the same company, but through a campy institutional maker. Completely acceptable, but not particularly distinguishable. :)

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