29 April 2008

TJ's Organic Fair-Trade French

When I opened up my air-tight cannister this morning, the smell was still fresh and immediate. This I took as a good sign; I was correct. That same smell was smooth and as blackened butter.

Which made the first taste of the brew a bit surprising. It was acidic, pungent and even with a little bit of a spiced "kick" towards the end.

There was very little head on it after being pressed, which to me means that through the grinding process there exists not enough airation. So, this particular roast might be better with the usual drip-grind.

However, the nasal qualities that the beans themselves proved true after a few minutes of "breathing" after brewing. The brew was smooth, saturated just enough with oils, and full. In addition to this, the aftertaste contains hardly any comparative bitterness, leaving this particular bean juice to be quite a gentle refresher.

For the value, both to one's pocketbook and health, this roast is a solid one for the keeping. You can find it at Trader Joe's (for whom I do not work, don't worry), in a blue aluminum-lined can, at the weight of 13oz., and selling at the regular (not sale) price of $5.99 here in L.A.

Happy mornings!


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